Tunneling & Port Forwarding App
Allows you to set up a local SOCKS5 proxy with a private tunnel
SSH Tunnel application makes managing SSH tunnels simple
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Manage multiple tunnels. Connect in one click.
Detailed connection statistics and logging.
Password & Private key authentication. Local SOCKS5 proxy is supported.
Adwanced SSH connection configuration.
Ability to setup custom Proxy configuration file (PAC).
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What our clients say
5 stars
Great app and SOCKS proxy works
Works as expected. Using dynamic (SOCKS) forwarding allows access through firewall and proxy autoconfig URL automatically configures iOS and doesn’t require reconfiguring iOS connection settings betweeen enabling and disabling tunnel.
5 stars
Saved my day
I was going to do some maintenance on a server through my iPad, only to discover I needed an SSH tunnel. This app did the trick perfectly.
Werner Donné
5 stars
Works great
Seems to be the only SSH tunnelling app on the store, thankfully it's a good one!
5 stars
Clean and easy to use SSH SOCKS tunnel
Very happy with this app, makes it easy to create SSH SOCKS tunnels on iPhone/iPad. Works well. Thank you!
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